I will leave this page up for a while, because I have no real reason to take it down, but my new site is located at:
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JJM's   page   from   the   Bay

Well, Here's my homepage. Not much, kinda boring, but what the hell. I plan to get some pix up here when I have the time.

A little about my self. I'm 17, and I go to Sacred Heart Cathedral Prep in San Francisco, where I'm in the Theater Company, and I'm a member of the International Thespian Society (Sacred Heart ITS=SHITS Ha ha). I've acted in the 1998 Student Theater Festival (one-act plays written by students), Shakespeare's "A Midsummer Night's Dream," and Miguel de Cervantes' "Man of LaMancha," a story about Don Quixote's bizarre, acid-trippy adventures. I did tech (Ass't Stage Manager) for "The Musical Comedy Murders of 1940," which is not a musical, but it is a comedy. I should soon be in "Great Expectations"

Other things; I'm a huge Giants fan (baseball, stupid), I ask that all Dodger fans get the fuck out of here and don't come back. I'm also into the 49ers, but baseball is my true calling.

Let's see, music. My favorite artists are: Aaliyah, TLC, Smashmouth, Lenny Kravitz, and Aerosmith.

Then there's movies: Star Wars: Episode I: The Phantom Menace, SW:E4:A New Hope, SW:E5:Empire Strikes Back, SW:E6:Return of the Jedi, the Indiana Jones trilogy, Something About Mary, Rocky Horror Picture Show, Pulp Fiction, Wild Things (hey, I liked the plot, too!), X-Files: Fight the Future, Mask of Zorro, Raising Arizona, and A Christmas Story. (If you have pix/sound clips/other cool shit form any of these, please e-mail me, I keep a good collection of cool shit on my computer. I love me my ZIP drive.)

TV shows: Seinfeld, The Drew Carey Show, Whose Line Is It Anyway?, Friends, Law & Order, Roseanne (the sitcom), Family Guy, WWF Raw/Smackdown and Giants/49ers games.

Yeah, that's about it. You now know me. You can see me on the street and freak me out by asking me to do the Time Warp again, or something.

You can also really piss me off by mentioning: Titanic, Celine Dion, K-Ci & Jojo, the Dodgers, Cowboys, or Packers, or Cracked magazine.

So there.

I'll be moving soon to fathom.org, so this'll be gone, but the new page will be better. Also, I've been appointed webmeister of the ITS Troupe #4062 web site, so I'll include a link to that once I get it going.


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